As far as I can remembers

I have always dreamed of being a photographer. When I was younger, I envisioned taking beautiful pictures, like the ones I saw in magazines. When I received my first automatic camera- a purple one, perfect for a 9 year old girl- I was never satisfied by my pictures, always disappointed that they did not reflect the beauty that I was really seeing. Time passed and my life filled with other projects and passions, as photography was temporarily put aside.

Then I had kids.

Kids always bring about change and new reflections, and help us put things in perspective, like long forgotten passions… During my maternity leave, I decided it was time to learn how to make images at the height of what I imagined. So, I bought my first Réflex type camera and I learned. As a Self-Taught Photographer, I spent hours and hours reading, listening to tutorials, reading my instruction manual and practicing. I probably do not have to mention that the kids got tired of posing for the camera! I explored several fields of Photography to finally find out what really captivates me.

That is how, after many years of practice and exploration, I started to have some of my pictures published in the Tourism Guide of Tourism Laurentians. Shortly after, my photos were used for the Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré municipality`s website

Gradually I started collaborating, notably with the city of Saint-Faustin (with whom I organised many photography classes and a photography club is in the making as well) ; Laurentian Tourism, contracts to come, collaborations with real estate brokers.

I also participated on a shooting about Photography with a community television station, this winter. I am also a member of the chamber of commerce of Mont Tremblant.